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0812-701-5790 (Telkomsel) Marine Surveyor PT.Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS)
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Bollard Pull Test on Tug Boat Bahar-9

The tug boat TB. BAHAR 9 had request to use Marine Survey Services for Bollard Pull Test, whilst she was lying safety afloat and starboard alongside at PT. Bandar Victory Shipyard, Batam for the purpose of calculation and ascertained the bollard pull of the vessel

Vessel’s Particulars :

Name of Vessel                 :   BAHAR - 9                    
Type of Vessel                  :   Motor Tug
Construction                      :   Steel
Year of Builder                   :   1999/Indonesia
GRT/NRT                          :   129 T / 77 T
Dimension                         :   20.76 m (L) x 6.50 m (B) x 3.00 m (D)
Main Engine                       :   CATERPILLAR of 2 x 650 HP (1800 RPM)

General Inspection

The bollard pull calculation is referring to the book titled tug, TOWBOATS AND TOWING written by Edward M. Braddy issued by Cornel Maritime Press Inc, USA in 1967 as our basic calculation.

Calculation of Bollard Pull

From static bollard for 2 engines :
BHP    = K x (total power value from above)
K                 = 1.10 for geared diesel (2 x 650 hp = 1300 hp)
Static bollard pull with 1800 RPM
BHP    = 1.10 x 1300
                   = 1430
where:          T                 =       Static Bollard Pull
                             BHP    =       Brake Horse Power
                             SHP    =       Shaft   Horse Power
                             SHP    =       BHP

For illustrate                      :         T        =       1.3 x BHP/100
                                                                                      =       18.59 Tons
For Hydroconic Hull   :         T        =       SHP/61
                                                                                      =       23.44 Tons
For Kort Nozzle Tug :         T        =       BHP/57
                                                                                      =       25.09 Tons

Calculation for
Bollard Pull
Engine RPM/RGP

Hydroconic Hulls
Kort Nozzle Tugs

18.59 Tons
23.44 Tons
25.09 Tons



Bollard Pull Test on Tug Boat
Bollard Pull Test on Tug Boat
“This inspection has been carried out to the best of our knowledge and liability where our responsibility is limited of reasonable care”
Bollard Pull Test on Tug Boat Bahar-9 was done and had result satisfactory for the Bollard Pull

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