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Condition Survey Oil Barge Multi Asia VI

The OB. MULTI ASIA VI is oil barge vessel of all steel welded construction with double hull and double bottom construction and fitted with two skegs at stern part. She was built on 2014 under classification of Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI) regulation and registered at Batam, Indonesia.

The port and starboard side shell plate of barge’s hull generally were found in good condition.
Towing smith brackets, chaffing chains bridle, bollard bite were found in good condition.  Main deck was found in good condition.                        

1 (one) unit of winch anchor c/w engine anchor located at forward part with compartment reportedly in working order.
The condition of the barge was generally appeared to be in good condition.
contoh kapal SPOB
contoh kapal SPOB


§  Name of Barge                          :         MULTI ASIA VI
§  Type                                       :         Oil Barge
§  Registry                                   :         Batam
§  Flag                                        :         Indonesia
§  Classification                             :         Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI)
§  Gross Tonnage                          :         2,018 Tons
§  Nett Tonnage                           :         1,238 Tons
§  Length                                     :         73.15 M
§  Breath                                     :         18.29 M
§  Depth                                      :         5.49  M
§  Built                                        :         2014
§  Owner                                      :         PT. Penta Samudera Selaras

§  Capt. Hari                :         Master of TB. MULTI ASIA V
§  Mr. Muriadi             :         Chief Officer of TB. MULTI ASIA V
§  Mr. Sofyan              :         Chief Engineer of TB. MULTI ASIA V
§  Mr. Budi Lesmana  :         Representative from PT. Penta Samudera Selaras
§  Mr. Ruly Abdillah  :         The Surveyors

In our inspection we noted that the ship certificates were not available on board

The Vessel  “BG. MULTI ASIA VI” was surveyed on May 21, 2014  at 14.00 hours up to 18.30  hours local time while she was lying afloat at Bandar Victory Shipyard, Sekupang, Batam, Indonesia.

Side Board and Stay Cargo Stanchion
The railing side board with 1000 mm height made from steel and consist stay stanchion at port side, starboard side, forward and stern were found to be in good condition.

Deck Plates
The barge deck was found in good condition and new painting.

The barge’s manhole at port and starboard that equipped with covers was found in good condition.

Bollard bite was provided on board   at portside and starboard side was found to be in good condition.

Towing Brackets
2 (two) units towing bracket fixed at forward with chains bridle were found in satisfactory condition but without wire bridle and second towing line equipped on board.
Winch and Anchor
1 (one) unit winch engine c/w stockless anchor located at forward part was provide with winch compartment were found in good condition and it is reportedly in working order.

Tire Fenders
The barge’s tire fender at port and starboard side were found in good condition.

The transom plate, raked plate was found in good condition, both skegs were found in good condition as well.
Generally conditions of hull shell plating were appeared in good condition.
The draft and plimsoll marks were found permanently marked and in good condition.

Other Deck & Machineries
·         The superstructure and machinery space including accommodation room are located at aft.
·         There are twelve cargo oil tanks No 1 P/S, 2 P/S, 3 P/S, 4 P/S and 6 P/S
·         The barge is powered by generator machine and Hydraulic motor winch anchor and also provided with 2 (two) unit of cargo pump.
·         The main deck was found coated and in good condition
·         Cargo tank lids were found good condition
·         Port and starboard Manhole about 1m height were found coated and good condition
·         Air pipes, sounding pipes, bulwark, hand railing and fire hydrant were found in good condition, except sounding hole was found not completely with ring for seal and marking number of tank’s.
·         Bollards at forward and aft section were found good condition
·         Mooring ropes were found in good condition
·         No heating available on board
·         Manifold for loading/unloading cargo was fitted at stern part

Based on our survey findings, we recommended the following equipments are noted to be provided on board with the details as follows:
§  No Heating was found on board
§  Cargo tank was found rusted
§  To be marking sounding hole number as per General Arrangements advised and completely with ring for seal connected.
§  To provided SOPEP, Fire Blanket, Gas Detector, Pyrotechnic, Radio Communication and Cargo Handling Manual Procedures, GA, Piping Diagram and Safety Plan on board. 
§  The towing brackets fixed at forward with chains bridle were found in satisfactory condition but without wire bridle and second towing line equipped on board.
§  The Tank Table was not found on board
§  There are no have Slop Tank.
§  There not found the sign “No Smoking” was fitted on board
§  No have ship’s crew on board the oil barge’s
§  There not found Life Saving Equipments and Fire Fighting Extinguisher on board the barge’s
§   No have photocopy of certificate was given to surveyor for clarify the Seaworthiness condition of the vessel.

This report reflects our findings at time and place indicated above only and does not refer to any other matters.

This intervention has been carried out to the best of our knowledge and ability and our responsibility is limited to the exercise of reasonable care.

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