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Pre-Loading Survey & Measurement Survey Kapal Palmarola

Kapal Kargo MV. Palmarola sandar di jetty milik perusahaan pabrikasi PT. Profab Indonesia di wilayah Batu Merah dekat dengan Batu Ampar di Kota Batam, Indonesia untuk memuat barang-barang kargo alat-alat berat yang akan digunakan untuk membangun tanki-tanki muatan LPG di Darwin, Australia, yaitu project pembangunan tanki penimbunan LPG/ LNG yang di beri nama Project Ichthys Plant Site Blaydin Point in Darwin Australia.

Pre-Loading Survey & Measurement Survey Kapal Palmarola
Pre-Loading Survey & Measurement Survey Kapal Palmarola

In compliance with the instruction from the customer client a P&I Clubs in Jakarta acting on behalf of K/S Combi Lift with reference to their email message dated April 28, 2014, our surveyors from Batam Office did attend at open yard of the shipper and continued on board the MV.“PALMAROLA”, from May 08, 2014 up to completion whilst she was lying afloat and berthed with portside alongside the PT. Profab Indonesia Jetty, Batu Ampar, Batam, Indonesia in order to conduct a “ Pre Loading Survey & Measurement Survey ”.

Prior to loading, the nomination cargoes were stacked at open yard of PT. Profab Indonesia Indonesia premises, located at Batu Ampar , Batam – Indonesia was distance about 1 km from jetty/vessel side. The cargoes were not covered/protected from exposed weather, atmospheric rust and dust.
Nomination Quantity of loading cargo = 175 packages with cargo condition before loading were as follow;
-       Generally dust, wet (has experience contact with rain) and slightly scratched
-       Some of cargo were atmospheric rust on their outer surfaces
-       Some of cargo were in Box packages so inside condition unknown
         -       Some support stanchion were rusted 


§  Name of the vessel                    : MV. PALMAROLA

§  Voyage No.                              : V.13
§  Call Sign                                   : V 2 F J 3
§  IMO No                                   : 9512381
§  Class                                       : Germanischer Lloyd (GL)
§  Port of Registry                         : Saint John’s
§  Flag                                        : Antigua & Barbuda
§  Type of Vessel                          : Multi-Purpose/Heavy Lift Cargo Ship
§  Gross / Net Tonnage                  : 11473 / 3834
§  Build / Builder                           : 2010 / Taizhou Kouan Shipyard, China
§  LOA                                        :  133.97 M.
§  Breadth Moulded                       :    23.00 M.
§  Depth Moulded                         :    11.40 M.
§  Hatches/Holds                          :  1 / 1
§  Capacity of cargo hold                :  9,984 m3 Bale
§  SWL of Derricks                        :  2 x 450 MT LIEBHERR Cranes (4-17m outreach)
§  Main Engine                              : 1 unit of MAN Diesel 1x6L48/60B, 7200kW at 500rpm
§  Owner                                     : Harren & Partner Shipmanagement, Germany
§  Operator                                  : Combi Lift K/S

  • Cargo Manifest B/L No. ….
Description of Goods :
     175 Packages = 874.125 MT Gross Weight = 8,817.376 M3 of
-       Roof T-001
-       Roof T-002
-       Boot T-001
-       Boot T-001
-       Monorail T-001
-       Internal Walkway T-001
-       Suspend Deck T-001
-       Internal Walkway T-002
-       Monorail T-002
§  Shipper                         :  PT. PROFAB INDONESIA
                                         Jalan Bawal Kav. V, Batu Merah,
                                           Batam, Indonesia
                                         Telephone: 62 778 413250 fax. 62 778 413260
§  Consignee                     : Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd
                                        Ichthys Plant Site
                                        Blaydin Point in Darwin, Australia
§  Notify Party                   : Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd
                                        (ABN No. 34 375 598 290)
                                        3-1-1 Higashi Kawasaki-Cho,
                                          Chuo-Ku, Kobe 0000, Japan
§  Port of loading                         : Batu Ampar – Batam , Indonesia
§  Port of discharge                      : Darwin, Australia
§  Ocean Vessel                           : MV. PALMAROLA
§  ETD Batam, Indonesia     : May 14, 2014
§  ETA Darwin, Australia      : May 21, 2014

§  Capt. Miroshnychenko      : Master of MV. PALMAROLA

§  Mr. Kovalnov                             : Chief Officer of MV. PALMAROLA
§  Mr. Shimpei Yanugi           : Representative of SAGA Japan
§  Mr. Fatilla                        : Representative of PT. Profab Indonesia
§  Mr. Sulistyono                 : Representative of Joy Shipping
§  Mr. Cher Swee Yeow        : Representative of SDV Singapore
§  Mr. Nicholas                     : Surveyor of TG Marine Singapore as MWS
§  Mr. Ruly Abdillah Ginting     : the Surveyor on behalf of Combi Lift K/S

 Before Loading

§  The nominated cargoes were stacked at open yard of the shipper premises PT. Profab Indonesia at Batu Ampar, Batam, Indonesia and distance about 1KM from the jetty (vessel side). The stacked cargoes were found without covers so that were exposed to weather, dust and atmospheric rust.

§  Generally the cargoes were in various kinds packed in bare, pallet, skid and wooden box packed while the internal condition was unknown.

 During Loading
§  Some of cargo was found wet due to loading during rain.
§  The cargoes were stowed in the cargo hold in lengthwise position.
§  Until now No cargo damaged during loading operation.
Some of the cargoes were found slightly scratched, spot rust, and stain of spot dust at some places on the surfaces but apparently in good condition.

    During Loading
-       During loading of cargo from barge “POE GIANT 17” at vessel’s side into vessel cargo holds there was no cargo damaged was noted during loading operation.

Lifting Appliances
·         One (1) unit of shore crane of 450T, SWL completed with appliances at open yard
·         Some units of truck trailers to convey the cargo from open yard to jetty (barge side)
·         Barge “POE GIANT 17” at ship side as loading point
·         Vessel crane of 450T, SWL, each
·         Sufficient wire sling of various size and SWL
·         Sufficient spreader bar
·         Sufficient shackles and sufficient hook
·         Sufficient webbing sling belts

Loading Process
·         The cargo at open yard were lifted and stowed on the truck trailer by using shore crane with appliances
·         Thereafter the cargo on the truck trailers were conveyed to the jetty at the barge side
·         Thereafter the cargo on the barge’s then loaded/lifted into the vessel cargo holds by using vessel crane with sufficient appliances
·         Loading of cargo was commenced on May 09, 2014/09.35 hours local time and estimate completed loading about May 13, 2014 at 17.00 hours local time
·         The cargo were properly loaded and stowed on board the vessel
·         During lifting operation, no problems occurred on crane or in lifting appliances and the cargoes were loaded safely

   Stowage and Lashing/Securing of Loaded Cargo
§  The cargo on the truck trailers were properly stowed in lengthwise position and lashed/secured by using sling belts and or chain cable and shackles
§  The cargo on the barge’s deck were properly stowed in lengthwise position and lashed/secured by using sling belts and or chain cable and shackles
§  All cargo were loaded and stowed on board the vessel cargo hold No. 1 (lower hold and twin deck space) and on deck.
§  Loading of the cargo and lashing/securing of the loaded cargo were carried out by vessel crew and Kawasaki member’s under Chief Officer and surveyor supervision.
§  Prior to loading, the tank top plates of the vessel cargo holds were applied with sufficient wood dunnage also between the cargo and vessel’s structures in holds.
§  The wooden chocking was applied between the loaded cargo by means of broken/void spaces.

Each Bay of loaded cargo was lashed/secured with wire lashing at some points and sea fastened while the loaded cargoes on deck were properly lashed/secured, this is a example survey report for Pre Loading Survey of Steel Pipe Product

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