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0812-701-5790 (Telkomsel) Marine Surveyor PT.Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS)

0812-701-5790 (Telkomsel) Marine Surveyor PT.Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS)
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Happy Ramadhan Festival 1438 Hijriah / 2017 from PT. Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS)

Happy Ramadhan Festival 1438 H / 2017

Dear our valuable customer,

May this Ramadan be month of blessings,
A month full of forgiveness
  & guidences for you and your family & business !Happy Ramadhan 1438 Hijriah,

Wishing you prosperity, joy, and success this month and throughout the year and always.

Our Scope of Service from PT. Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS)

Marine Surveyor & Inspection Services, Bunker Survey, On Hire Survey, Off Hire Survey, Stuffing Survey, Loading Survey, Cargo Damage and Insurance Survey, Hull and Machinery Damage Survey, Discharging Survey, P&I Survey, Towing & Lashing Survey, On/Off Hire Bunker ROB and General Condition Survey, Towing Approval Survey, Free Gas Survey, Seaworthiness Survey, The Vanning Survey, On Hire Condition Survey, On Hire Bunker Survey, Pre-Hire Condition Survey, Sampling and Gauging Survey, Cargo Condition Survey, Seal Breaking Survey, Condition Survey, Container Inspection, Pre-shipment Condition Survey of Project Cargo, Pre-Loading Survey, Loading/Discharging Supervision of Heavy Lifts and Machinery, Bunker Quantity & Quality Survey, Volumetric Measurement Survey, Tank Dryness/Cleanliness Inspection, Stuffing/Un-stuffing of General Cargo and Frozen Foods/Fruits, Damaged Survey and more...

Please do not hesitate to contact us if any more question and inquiry. ​
Thank you for your good cooperation and continues support.

Best Regards,
Ruly Abdillah Ginting
Marine Surveyor
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