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0812-701-5790 (Telkomsel) Marine Surveyor PT.Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS)

0812-701-5790 (Telkomsel) Marine Surveyor PT.Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS)
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Condition Survey by Marine Surveyor of PT. Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS)

 Condition Survey by Marine Surveyor of PT. Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS)

Vessels are technically-sophisticated, high-value assets with complex structural and mechanical requirements. The condition of almost all types of vessels will degrade over time, with values depreciating and risks increasing as vessels reach the end of their economically useful life.

For investors and financiers in shipping who are typically remote from the day to day ownership and operation of these assets, it is critical to ensure that vessels are maintained in accordance with industry best-practice, with values preserved and asset-integrity maintained, whilst risks are minimized.

A simple and cost-effective method of mitigating the risks of premature value-depreciation, asset degradation and increased risk is to undertake a periodic condition assessment of your asset(s).


 PT. Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS) Batam, Indonesia is your right solution in delivering quality, comprehensive and objective Condition Inspections to the global shipping industry. insights into the condition of a wide range of vessel-types and have developed a unique inspection framework which guarantees a consistent and objective assessment, every time.

Leading banks, funds, lessors and financiers use our Condition Inspection services to fully understand the condition of their investments and to ensure that their collateral is maintained to an industry best-practice standard, with values preserved and risks minimized.


Many of our clients have made critical decisions based on our reports which are universally accepted by prominent financial institutions as an accepted independent validation of vessels condition.

With  PT. Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS) Batam, Indonesiayou can expect a quick report turnaround, an extensive global reach and a competitive price. Most importantly, you’ll get a report delivered straight to your mailbox which you can understand easily and which you can act on.

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