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0812-701-5790 (Telkomsel) Marine Surveyor PT.Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS)

0812-701-5790 (Telkomsel) Marine Surveyor PT.Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS)
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PT. Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS) Batam, Indonesia is the best solution before buying a ship

 PT. Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS) Batam, Indonesia is the best solution before buying a ship

Provide unique insight and experience about the condition of various types of ships, collaborate with us before purchasing a Vessel to carry out a Pre-Purchase to ensure customers have the necessary information before making their final purchase decision

Acquiring a second hand vessel is a great investment for ship owners and their investors. This requires a thorough assessment of the prospective vessel and an understanding of the potential risks and capital demands associated with bringing a new vessel into the fleet, before a final purchase decision is made.


PT. Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS) Batam, Indonesia is the right choice for customers in providing quality, comprehensive and objective Pre-Purchase condition inspections to the global shipping industry.


Leading brokers, ship owners, banks and financiers use our Pre-purchase inspection services to fully understand the conditions of their intended acquisition and to understand the demand for capital expenditures that may be required to bring vessels back to standard market conditions.

With PT. Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS) Batam, Indonesia, you can expect fast report completion, wide global reach and competitive pricing. Most importantly, you will get a report sent directly to your mailbox that you can easily understand and which you can act on.

Selling a vessel has historically meant putting a ship on the market and waiting for numerous potential buyers to send their own inspectors onboard to inspect, and then waiting for the results of inspections and the subsequent price negotiations.

Ultimately, sellers can lose control of the inspection process and can also invest a significant amount of time and resources both onboard and ashore, in supporting multiple inspectors, each of whom has a different request for information and ultimately has a different perspective on the condition of the ship.

In the end, sellers have to simply wait and hope that the buyers’ make a fair and reasonable judgement on the condition of their vessel and that the efforts spent in coordinating the multiple inspections, result in a firm and attractive offer.

PT. PT. Binaga Ocean Surveyor (BOS) Batam, Indonesia has a solution from a very unique experience which can significantly reduce the cost to sellers.


Typically owners have elected to place their vessel on the market via brokers and then wait for multiple interested parties to inspect the vessel it has become challenging for sellers’ to manage the traditional pre-purchase inspection process.

  1. Enhances the number of serious buyers & potential for “clean” offers.
  2. Increases chances of a successful transaction.
  3. Creates a level playing field between multiple buyers.
  4. Permits reliance on the report data by all parties who purchase the report.
  5. Cost-effective solution, often neutralises the inspection costs.
  6. Sellers remain in full control.
  7. Reports kept confidential to serious buyers only.
  8. Helps preserve crew morale.
  9. High transaction success rate.



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